Monday, November 22, 2004

A Dedicated Team

At our past Thursday meeting on Nov.18, we had a great experience to grow in our bond as a team. Ryan Carlson, an associate chaplain at OWU was kind enough to guide the team in some team bonding exercises. We first did the get-to-know-you exercises where we each said a little bit about ourselves. We then did an activity where we were each given a number, which was not known to any other member, and were then to line up in order without talking while our eyes were closed. This was definitely a challenging task, especially since there were not only whole numbers, but negative numbers and decimals! Although we did not accomplish the overall goal, we did learn a little more about ourselves as a team.
As we grow as a team we will be able to realize our assumptions and help each other understand how to better utilize our skills in a joint effort. If we all work with each other and each use our gifts and talents to accentuate others' gifts, we will be able to form a tightly bonded team that will be able to not only understand each other, but be able to help each other at our weakest and strongest moments. These gifts and talents of the team as a whole and of each individual can then be used to help in our mission of serving others in Vietnam. As we continue our emotional and spiritual growth throughout the year, I know we will learn so much about ourselves and about the issues most important to us when we will be serving the children in Vietnam.
Every week, I become more excited for this team and for the mission that we will be embarking on. At every mission team meeting, there is a great sense of love and caring and a true desire to learn. I have been trying to learn more about the Vietnam War and Agent Orange and am realizing how much more there is to know about these things, and that fact makes me all the more excited to learn. I had never realized or really looked into how affected the Vietnamese still are by the Agent Orange, and now I've come to see how devastating this herbicide still is by affecting multiple generations. I really hope to share love and happiness with these children and let them know that so many people still do care about them. I know that the entire mission team also shares this desire and dedication to serve and love whole-heartedly.


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