Saturday, November 06, 2004

Vietnam team and first impressions

Finally a team is selected and ready to go. For those who just pass by this page and have no idea where we are coming from. We are a group of Ohio Wesleyan students and faculty going to Vietnam over our Spring Break to share our love and care to the children victimized by Agent Orange. Agent Orange was the herbicide dropped by the American army during the Vietnam War to wipe out the jungles where the Viet Cong were supposedly hiding. The effects of Agent Orange are noted among many Vietnam veteran in the U.S. and even more so for many Vietnamese soldiers and people. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result of the on-going problems caused by Agent Orange. It is even more devastating as many more children are still being born with serious defects, such as peculiar body shapes, limbless, mental disabilities, etc.

Before I go on with the Agent Orange effects, which I am sure will come up many times going forward, I want to talk about our team. I am very happy about it, 11 students and 2 faculties. I think we have the very best people on campus. I was so touched to read the essays from the team members (I am sure Chaplain, Lisa, Nga and Jenny can echo on this). They are very thoughtful, deep and moving. I have very positive feelings toward our team and our trip. Everyone will have a great experience!

Last Saturday at the first Spring Break Mission Week seminar was the first time our team got together. We enjoyed learning a little bit about each other during the "speed date" activity. I am sure there is much more to learn about one another going forward. The team is just as excited as I am about the trip. The fundraising goal does not seem to set anyone back at all. Our trip is expensive...we need to raise around $18,000 by February 1st, 2005 to be able to go. We, however, are determined to raise more than that to not just cover our cost but also to help the poor children. Some help can really change a child's life.


At 11/07/2004 4:29 PM, Blogger Kumar said...

Hi this is Kumar. I completely echo your thoughts since I also feel this team is really good. Everyone seems like a very responsible person and as chaplain said in one of our meetings, I dont think we will have any problems with someone slacking. And if we feel someone is getting bogged down with school work or other things in their life, we should all strive to help that person out and stay together as a team! Lets make it a history by carrying the entire team to Vietnam and back (with no drop outs).



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