Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My feelings

As the trip draws near, I am having a mixed feeling toward it. I know I am thankful for everyone in our team. This is the fourth time I involve with a mission team at OWU and this is the BEST team I have worked with. I am just amazed of how dedicated and hardworking each and everyone is. I am excited for this trip. I know everyone will have a great time.
I am also worried, will everything happen as I plan? Nga and I really start the trip from scratch and we have gone a long way. I am confident though that it will be a huge success. We have not gone yet but I am also hopeful that someone from our team might like this trip and Vietnam so much that it will continue to be a tradition at OWU.
I know the past few weeks we have dealt with financial issues. I don't think those hurdles will stop us from going. However, I would really like to have some time for team bonding. We have worked well together but do we really know each other. I just like this team so much that I want us to grow deeper friendship.
A lot of time, this trip is the only thing in my mind, especially lately. I thank everyone for the hardwork so far and I look forward to this renzdevous together.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Count down!!

Hey Everyone!!

I am so excited to be on this wonderful team. I hope that after our trip to Vietnam we can stay in contact and maybe even do some more projects together. It really is amazing to see you guys work. You go after a goal with no hint of weariness and every expectation of succeeding. You rock!!!

As we press closer to our departure date, what are some feelings you have about the trip, the kids, the experience, etc.????

Write back soon.


Friday, January 21, 2005

at the bazaar
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The beautiful slates made by Melanie and Jess
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Preparing Vietnamese spring rolls for the Bazaar
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