Friday, November 12, 2004

Meeting Minute - Nov 11, 04

The meeting this week went well. Say hi to Lisa in CA and Jennie B. who could not come, we hope you feel better, Jennie (Chaplain will take over your Pizza delivery spot on Friday).
We discussed the following:
1.We decided to do an online journal. Everyweek, there will be a person in the team post a summary of the week. Anyone in the team can post their thoughts about the trip or our activity anytime.
2.Website for the Vietnam trip: we would like everyone to email Thanh with an introduction about yourself
3.Bazaar event: December 12, 1-5 pm at Gray Chapel.
- We plan to sell Vietnamese food (fingerfood), everyone will help. Nga is in charge of this food business.
-Origami/Craft/Slates: contact Lauren and Melanie.
-Calligraphy: possibly Eric and his mom (who is a professional calligrapher)
These are the ideas we come up with for Bazaar during this meeting. Lisa and Jennie let us know what your thoughts and any suggestions!!!
4. Derived from the Bazaar discussion, we are also plan to do a Garage Sale or Whatever Can be for Sale event next spring for fundrairing. This event is to be discussed in detail later!!!

This minute was put together by Nga. I just post it up here so we can keep everything together.


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