Sunday, December 12, 2004

Welcome to Bazaar

Alrighty, the day we've been working hard for is here. Its Bazaar today. Its actually going on right now - I'm at work and so can't be there, but I am waiting for the clock to turn 5, so I can get done and join the rest of the team.

The Bazaar has been organized by the Spring Break Mission Week program as a whole - every team is doing something or the other, trying to raise money. Chaplain is going to be Santa and Matt Laferty is going to be his elf (:o). Melanie had proposed we make crafts - little cristmas decorations/toys such as reindeer, angels etc and sell them to children as pre-made or make-it-at-home kits. A few members from our team have been working hard on it to get some crafts ready for the past two weeks. As of yesterday, we had already sold some to our friends/college students in dorms and made about $200. We will hopefully make even more at the bazaar today. Melanie and Chaplain also brought some slates and a few team members, who could make it, had gathered and painted them. I saw them last night and they looked awesome. Thanks to John Schaffer and ?? who have helped so much although they are not on the team. We also have Vietnamese food - spring rolls - we made about 100 of them yesterday. We have different varieties - vegan, vegetarian, & ones with chicken. They should bring in some more money! yay! So thats what we as a team have done. Thank you everyone for helping out so much - ideas, manufacturing, sales, and marketing! The money is rolling in.

Good luck to all our team members who are suffering through final exams this week! 4 more days to go! YEAH!


P.S. As a reminder - If you're reading this and you like what we're doing, please help our team get there. You can do so by donating to our team (even a dollar helps), it will go a long way in getting us near our goal. We have to raise around $20,000 before end of Feb 2005. Please click here to go to our team-website to donate to us online. (Click on the "Click and Pledge" logo and enter your amount in the box next to "Kids without borders: Vietnam" link)


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