Monday, February 14, 2005


Nga emailed us all a little while ago saying she has received all our visas (except Eric's, but he will get it soon too when he sends it in).

Sincere thanks to the Vietnamese Embassy for recognising our team's purpose and our values and extending the generosity that they have!

I just felt like posting about the visas as well because its one more step towards our final goal. And its a major one! I couldn't go to the SBMW trip to Rome in my sophomore year because the Italian Embassy decided not to offer me (and another international student) a visa to their country. I was bitter because we had to drive in Level III Storm to get to Detroit to apply in the first place! to make a long story short, it worked out well in the end because I got to join the Lakota team to South Dakota where I learned so much as well!

But yeah, so we're almost half-way there with the Visas in our hands! The other half still remains to come - the airplane ride halfway across the world!


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