Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Meeting Minute - February 1

I think we got a very productive meeting with lots of stuff got discussed. Good news at the end of the meeting, we have confirmed funding from WCSA and our deficit is only $4533 now, much better than $7000 earlier.

- Visa application: we decide that the $65 fee for each person will be taken out from the team budget. Kevin, who has got his own money order, can give his money order to Lisa or Eric who will submit their visa application later. The team will reimburse Kevin then. Please get your documents to Nga ASAP or let her know when you are expecting your passport.
- OWU Luncheon (Feb 4): cooks are needed in Nga's apartment from 3 p.m. onward on Thursday. Jess volunteered to drive to Chi Phi to fry spring rolls at 7 p.m. and Mel will help pick up the ingredients at 3 p.m. Remember to post up flyers and distribute inviations to your professors. If you have extra, drop them in the Chaplain's office so others who need them can take from there.
- Asbury Church Spaghetti Lunch: Chaplain will confirm the date this week
- Garage Sale: collect items
- Writing to department:Sociology/Anthropology and BoMi: Nga, History and Econ: Thanh, IS: Matt, Jess and Eric
- Donations: make an effort to talk to your doctors, dentists, hotel owners, etc. to get as many items as we can.
- Agent Orange documentary: will watch after the SBMW seminar this Saturday. Jess has suggested the Tree house. We need a VCD player to watch the VCD.
- Vietnamese dinner: Luong and Lisa cannot do Friday 11th, can we do Friday 18th then? Please let me know.
- 3 copies of the passport, 2 copies of the insurance card and the emergency form should be returned to Matt by this Saturday. Matt's box is 3012.

Important date to remember:
• Faculty Luncheon: February 4 from 12-1:30p.m. in SciCenter
• Garage Sale: February 12 Hamilton Williams Campus Center
• Spaghetti Dinner at Asbury United Methodist Church: February 20, 2005
• Pizza Delivery: January 20, Feb 25, Feb 27
• SBMW Seminar: February 5 1-3p.m. in Benes room
• Manteling service: March 2

I told you, we got a lot of things taken care of at this meeting. And if you are still reading, reply to this email and tell me what is the number you call for emergency in Vietnam? (Hint: Kevin read it aloud today)

Keep warm,



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